Couple-to-couple teaching of NFP


Contact with Serena Manitoba is often made by people who have only just heard about Natural Family Planning (NFP). There are a myriad of sites with information about NFP on the Net. Basically, NFP is a healthy alternative to hormonal contraception.

  • It involves no chemicals or negative health side effects for the woman.  Serena class participants are sometimes filled with awe as they learn to “read” the many ways a woman’s body can naturally tell you what is happening at varying times in her cycle.
  • It is one of the “greenest” members on the green scene in several ways. With NFP no surplus hormones enter our waterways with resultant harmful effects on our environment and its inhabitants. For years, all tracking was done on paper charts and users were encouraged to send them to Serena for research purposes, rather than just discarding them. Those using the Sympto-Thermal Method of NFP as taught by Serena now can opt to track cycles on our online chart system.
  • It is economical. You may have to replace a thermometer battery and your supply of charts, but other than that, the initial course could likely be your only financial cost.
  • The practice of NFP involves both members of a couple in unique communication, hence, it is one of the strongest relationship building tools. The percentage of marriage breakdown for couples using NFP is minimal.
  • It is effective. With quality instruction as given by our certified teacher-couples and dynamic motivation on the part of the couple, NFP is an effective method for family planning. Studies show comparable results with the Sympto-Thermal Method (STM) of Natural Family Planning with other methods.
  • When pregnancy is the chosen option, the practice of NFP increases the likelihood of conception.
  • NFP is a morally acceptable method of family planning.

As mentioned, all this information is readily available on the Net. However, for practical purposes for you to learn and start using NFP, Serena Manitoba plans classes with certified teacher couples. Resources are supplied. The two-hour session will get you well on your way to a healthy family planning lifestyle. The follow-up, usually six weeks after the  class, will give you an opportunity to check your charting one-on-one with the teacher-couple to build your confidence as you learn to interpret the natural symptoms of your body. You will be able to use this information about your fertility to plan your family.

Serena Manitoba has a lot to offer you, regardless of your circumstance. Are you planning marriage? Are you pregnant? Are you nursing after childbirth? Are you opting to give up other family planning methods that you are currently using? Are you approaching menopause? Are your cycles irregular? Would you like to increase your likelihood of conception? Are you on medication that calls for postponing pregnancy?

We have helped thousands of people since our founders, Dr. Paul and Louise Adams, initiated Natural Family Planning in Manitoba in 1965. We  look forward with anticipation to serve the needs of many others.

Check our CLASS page for current class schedules at Serena Manitoba.


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