Couple-to-couple teaching of NFP

SERENA Needs you! Teachers wanted!

SERENA Needs You!

If you have used the Sympto-Thermal Method for at least six months and recognize its importance in your life, both as a method of family planning and as a way of life, and would be ready to help other couples by becoming a teacher-couple, then Serena needs you! We cannot do this without you! As a volunteer organization, this information does not get disseminated unless we have amazing and dedicated volunteers to share what they know with others.

Serena offers you:

  • Quality training and accreditation
  • A chance to learn even more about the method
  • The opportunity to meet people who share the same values.

 Do you:

  • Appreciate the value of fertility?
  • Feel that periodic abstinence can help a couple to enrich their sexuality?
  • Appreciate working with your spouse?
  • Like teamwork?
  • Want to help other couples by sharing what you know?

A few of the benefits of becoming a teacher-couple include:

  • The satisfaction of offering a valuable resource
  • Making a difference in the lives of other couples
  • The opportunity to grow as a couple
  • A chance to develop friendships

Can You Volunteer a few hours 3 or 4 times a year?

We want you to join our team! 

  • Our organization, its philosophy and values
  • Procedures and criteria to become a volunteer
  • The dates of upcoming training
  •  For more information contact us at, 204-783-0091 (call or text)

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