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Serena 100 Club

The Serena 100 Club

Due to the cuts in to provincial health care in 2017, Serena Manitoba lost its major source of funding, over $12,000.00 annually. Alexander Graham Bell, the great Canadian inventor said, “When one door closes, another opens!’  Welcome to the Serena 100 Club!

If we can find just one hundred individuals who will donate just 10.00 a month, we can recoup the funds lost and sustain the valuable resource that Serena Manitoba is in teaching and spreading the word of natural family planning. Since we form this club we have attracted many members who believe in what we do, but as of yet we have not reached that elusive 100 members.

You probably already know that we teach the Sympto-Thermal Method (STM) of natural family planning. The STM is an effective, co-operative, scientifically based and inexpensive method of natural family planning, based on awareness of a woman’s natural cycle of fertility, and the knowledge of the man’s constant fertility. This enables a couple to understand, accept, and use their shared fertility in making choices about planning their family. Serena wants to enable couples to plan or avoid pregnancy as best meets the needs of couples and their family. Education is a key to success, and despite the hundreds of volunteer hours given by Serena Teacher Couples and Board Members, there is still a financial cost involved for this service. Will you help us by joining the Serena 100 Club?

Here is how simple this could be for you:

Log on to the Canada Helps Website;

  1. Find Serena Manitoba ;
  2. Choose the Donate Monthly tab;
  3. Set up your donation and method of payment, and
  4. You’re done!

Why Canada Helps?  Canada Helps is a self-funded, non-profit organization whose mission is to increase charitable giving to all Canadian registered charities and to pass along as much as possible out of every dollar they collect. So, when you donate 10.00 to Serena Manitoba every month, we receive $9.65 and Canada Helps gets $0.35 to keep their heart pumping.  Multiply that by 12 months x 100 individuals…And Voila, $11,580.00 for Serena Manitoba. An additional bonus is that Canada Help prepares and sends out all the charitable receipts, which saves Serena from having to do this.

But most important of all, it’s just so easy.

If you have questions, then please contact us by phone or text at 204-783-0091, or via e-mail or Facebook. We looked forward to hearing from Canada Helps that we have a new Serena 100 Club member!


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