Couple-to-couple teaching of NFP

Are you looking for a method of family planning that is…

  • Free from artificial hormones?
  • Knowledge based?
  • Highly effective?
  • Ecologically friendly?
  • Reversible?
  • Involving your partner?
  • Empowering?
  • Healthy?
  • Ethical?
  • Economical?

Then Natural Family Planning (NFP) may be what you are looking for.  We teach the Sympto-Thermal Method (STM) of natural family planning. The Sympto-Thermal method is an effective, co-operative, scientifically based and inexpensive method of natural family planning. The Sympto-Thermal method is based on awareness of a woman’s natural cycle of fertility, and the knowledge of the man’s constant fertility. This enables a couple to understand, accept, and use their shared fertility in making choices about planning their family.

The Sympto-Thermal Method is the most trustworthy of all natural family planning methods because it incorporates several signs of the woman’s fertility: cervical mucus, cervix changes, and morning temperature to determine the beginning and the end of the fertile period.

For the most satisfactory and effective experience with the Sympto-Thermal Method, we strongly encourage couples to meet with and be instructed by a qualified accredited Serena Canada teacher-couple. This is the best way to benefit from accurate knowledge and instruction in the application of the method.  For more information, contact us at, 204-783-0091 (call or text)


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